" My guitar is not a thing.

It is an extension of myself.

It is who I am." 

In his spare time, Dan can be found playing guitar while watching the Easter ham cook or playing catch with two 7-year-old boys.
Dan with one of his BIGGEST fans!  Ms. Patricia O'Malley
December 2014  News

Episode plans to start the new year out right by rocking the Barn in Grand Ledge on Rod Stewart's 70th birthday - January 10, 2015.  Be there by 9pm for a good seat. 

This past summer and early fall were going just fine, musically speaking. Then, Dan decided to take up a new hobby....

Click here to read how THAT story turns out (October news).

I think it has something to do with a Landslide and Dreams and seeing Gold on the Ceiling just before seeing only the Black Keys.

November 2014  News
Episode has been busy practicing and getting gigs lined up for 2015.  There are already two gigs lined up for early next year:

January 24 - Classic Pub - 9:30 pm - The Chain (Fleetwood Mac tribute band) opens for Episode

February 21 - Classic Pub - 9:30 pm - The Chain (Fleetwood Mac tribute band) opens for Episode
October 2014 News
Dan takes up a new hobby..... then gives it up after about 20 minutes and one major spill.

Doctors believe Dan will return to normal.

His wife is hopeful that  the new normal comes with a little more sense to listen to his wife. :)

Special thanks to fellow skaters at Munn Ice Arena for coming to Dan's rescue and to MSU Officers Zach and Tracey for taking care of Marshall and Mitchell during a traumatic event in their lives.

Moral of the story?  If the band doesn't have gigs each month, terrible things happen to Dan.
September 2014 News
There's a new band in town called The Chain.

The Chain is:

Tom Franklin, drums and vocals
Karlene Belyea, keyboard and vocals
Sandy Stenske, bass and vocals,
Tony Cushman, guitar and vocals
Dan O'Malley, lead guitar

This band is a Fleetwood Mac tribute band and premiered at the Church of Resurrection Ox Roast on September 5th.

The crowd went C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!
August 2014 News
Episode rocked the Colonial Bar in Lansing for two hot August nights.
July 2014 News

A Message from Dan!


"This past July, and summer really, Episode has gone to places we've never been before. Musically and venue- wise.


We've added such songs as Landslide and Dreams from Fleetwood Mac. And more contemporary music like Gold on the Ceiling from the Black Keys.


We've traveled to Grand Rapids (Quaker Steak and Lube), the Backwoods Bar in Sunfield, the Roadhouse in Mulliken, and of course closer to home venues such as Lou and Harry's, Buddy's in Holt and the R- Club in south Lansing. Not to mention a fun time at the world famous (yes, world famous) GizzardFest in Potterville!


Where to next? We have shows coming up at the Colonial Bar and Grill for two nights (August 22, 23) in South Lansing, and on the first weekend of September, we return to the Resurrection Church Ox Roast for two nights!


The opening of THIS gig may be the unveiling of SOMETHING NEW AND EXCITING that may give Episode an extra dimension of entertainment. You DON'T want to miss this! So, join us whenever you can and we'll rock you baby!!!


Episode ROCKS!"

June 2014 News


Episode is going to be BUSY BUSY in June.  First up:  Gizzard Fest in the beer tent from 12:00 Noon till 3pm on Saturday, June 7th.  Dan's wife has been heard saying there's no better way to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary than at a Gizzard Fest in a Beer Tent.

I told you June 2014 was a busy month for the band!  Check it out!
May 2014 News

The coolest place in town has asked Episode to return for another great rock-n-roll performance.


The band and the pub are sure to make your night unforgettable.

Episode stuns the R-Club crowd with a great 2-night performance.

April 2014 News

The Summer Gig Schedule is jam packed!!!!


May 2nd R-Club - Lansing - 8:30pm

May 3rd R-Club - Lansing - 8:30pm

June 7th Gizzardfest - Potterville - Noon        

June 13th Buddies - Holt - 9:00pm

June 28th Roadhouse - Mulliken - 9:30pm        

July 12th Lou & Harry's - East Lansing - 9:00pm        

July 26th Backwoods Bar - Sunfield - 9:30pm        

August 22nd Colonial Bar & Grille - Lansing - 9pm        

August 23rd Colonial Bar & Grille - Lansing - 9pm 


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March 2014 News
February 2014 News

Wow, can you believe this upcoming schedule?  Now that is some news!!!


January 2014 News
Episode to perform for a birthday bash at the Classic Pub

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