" My guitar is not a thing.

It is an extension of myself.

It is who I am." 

July 2014 News

A Message from Dan!


"This past July, and summer really, Episode has gone to places we've never been before. Musically and venue- wise.


We've added such songs as Landslide and Dreams from Fleetwood Mac. And more contemporary music like Gold on the Ceiling from the Black Keys.


We've traveled to Grand Rapids (Quaker Steak and Lube), the Backwoods Bar in Sunfield, the Roadhouse in Mulliken, and of course closer to home venues such as Lou and Harry's, Buddy's in Holt and the R- Club in south Lansing. Not to mention a fun time at the world famous (yes, world famous) GizzardFest in Potterville!


Where to next? We have shows coming up at the Colonial Bar and Grill for two nights (August 22, 23) in South Lansing, and on the first weekend of September, we return to the Resurrection Church Ox Roast for two nights!


The opening of THIS gig may be the unveiling of SOMETHING NEW AND EXCITING that may give Episode an extra dimension of entertainment. You DON'T want to miss this! So, join us whenever you can and we'll rock you baby!!!


Episode ROCKS!"

June 2014 News


Episode is going to be BUSY BUSY in June.  First up:  Gizzard Fest in the beer tent from 12:00 Noon till 3pm on Saturday, June 7th.  Dan's wife has been heard saying there's no better way to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary than at a Gizzard Fest in a Beer Tent.



I told you June 2014 was a busy month for the band!  Check it out!
May 2014 News

The coolest place in town has asked Episode to return for another great rock-n-roll performance.


The band and the pub are sure to make your night unforgettable.

Episode stuns the R-Club crowd with a great 2-night performance.

April 2014 News

The Summer Gig Schedule is jam packed!!!!


May 2nd R-Club - Lansing - 8:30pm

May 3rd R-Club - Lansing - 8:30pm

June 7th Gizzardfest - Potterville - Noon        

June 13th Buddies - Holt - 9:00pm

June 28th Roadhouse - Mulliken - 9:30pm        

July 12th Lou & Harry's - East Lansing - 9:00pm        

July 26th Backwoods Bar - Sunfield - 9:30pm        

August 22nd Colonial Bar & Grille - Lansing - 9pm        

August 23rd Colonial Bar & Grille - Lansing - 9pm 


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March 2014 News
Lou and Harry's Crowd Demands Double Encore
February 2014 News

Wow, can you believe this upcoming schedule?  Now that is some news!!!


January 2014 News
Episode to perform for a birthday bash at the Classic Pub
Episode is in demand for 2014!
Jan 03    Colonial   9:00 pm
Jan 04    Colonial   9:00 pm
Jan 25    Classic Pub   9:30 pm 
Feb 22    Classic Pub   9:30 pm

Mar 08    Spag's   8:30 pm

May 02    R-Club   8:30 pm

May 03    R-Club   8:30 pm

Jun 07     Gizzardfest   Noon

Jun 13     Buddies   9:00 pm
Episode ready to Rock Buddies in Holt!
Episode rocks the Colonial Bar and Grille despite major winter snowstorm and -10 degree weather!   
The brave, the strong, and the rocking folks made their way to the Colonial January 3 and 4 and were NOT disappointed!

check out the videos here:

- Whipping Post 1-4-14
- Guitar Gently Weeps 1-4-14
- Straight On 1-4-14
- Midnight Train 1-4-14

October 2013 News
Episode Electrifies the Classic Pub!
Episode will be ROCKING the Classic Pub again!


You are invited....and you can invite your friends....to come out and see Lansing's coolest cover band, Episode!

DATE:  October 5, 2013

TIME:  9:30 pm

The Classic Pub is located on the north side of Lansing at
16219 S Us Highway 27 Lansing, MI 48906.

You can call them at (517) 484-4808 to ask about reserving a table.

August 2013 News

Episode asked to play the Ox Roast
July 2013 News
Moss Agate News
Details are sketchy, but word on the street is that a tremendously talented keyboard player has joined Moss Agate.  Stay tuned for more details...  In the meantime, it sounds like the band is working up an awesome set list for their next gig...
Episode News
Episode is ready to rock at Spag's on Saturday, August 10th
June 2013 News

You and your friends are invited


to come out and see Episode rock Buddies in Holt on Friday, June 28th at 9pm.  We would love to see you there.

Episode Gels and Becomes a Major Musical Force in Lansing
The audience at Sir Pizza on Friday, June 8 was impressed with the quality of sound, singing, guitar-playing, and drumming of Lansing's best-kept secret, Episode.  Sandy Stenske lured the audience in wtih a sultry rendition of Stormy Mondy and Whipping Post.  Tom Franklin pounded the night away with consistent drumming on every song from the full Santana version of Europa to Riding the Storm Out. Tom also gave the audience awesome vocals on a good number of the songs each set such as Roadhouse Blues, Gloria, and Give Me Three Steps.  Dan O'Malley gave his usual "nails coming out of the rafters" lead guitar performances throughout the night on songs like Europa, Midnight Train, People Get Ready, and Riding the Storm Out.  Simple Man, Woodstock, and Turn the Page are just three examples of how Tony Cushman's rock and acoustic guitar amd vocals make this band well, well-rounded group of entertainers which do not disappoint audience members ranging from 8 to 85.

May 2013 News

Moss Agate News
Moss Agate thrills Rak's in Jackson

Rumor has it the owner, bartenders, and sound guy at Rak's in Jackson all thought Moss Agate was the best local band to ever play there!!!!


The Moss Agate performance was a true "high" for those in the audience.  With top-notch songwriting and singing by Bob Lyon, talented drumming by Joel House, thrilling bass guitar lines by David Winkelstern, and riveting lead guitar solos by the one-and-only Dan O'Malley, the gig was an overwhelming success.


To top it off, Rak's is an awesome place to see and hear a band...they actually have a stage and plenty of seating.  Visibility is great no matter where you are seated in the establishment.  You can enjoy the company of friends, while having a nice drink, AND you can see the band at the same time!!!!


National  act, Adam D. Tucker, was a very impressive vocalist and his band lived up to expectations of a national band.  Country music fans (and certainly all Tim McGraw fans) were given a sweet treat in seeing and hearing Adam D. Tucker sing.


Rak's is the place to be in mid-Michigan for sure.  You can "Like" Rak's on Facebook if you want to receive notifications of such awesome events in the future!  Perhaps Moss Agate will be visiting Rak's again soon???!!!

Moss Agate opens for Tim McGraw tribute artist Adam D. Tucker
Moss Agate competes in the Blues Brawl at the Green Door

Following a rocking performance by Moss Agate, the Blue Brawl MC, Mike Skory, couldn't help but wonder if there were any nails left in the rafters of the Green Door.


by David Winklestern

10.  They’ll start and end on time (and most of their songs, too).


  9.  They have learned that turning those little guitar pegs

        changes the sounds of the strings.


  8.  The Green Door has been approved for their Witness

       Protection Program (and Jehovah Witness Witness Protection



  7.  Their police tethers barely hinder any stage movements.


  6.  They rarely mak missTakes.


  5.  Their imaginary friends don’t need parking spots.


  4.  Their amps do not go to "11".


  3.  They promise to remember to take the guitars out of their cases.


  2.  They rarely mak missTakes.


  1.   It doesn’t matter what color the limo you provide is.
A rare moment caught...  Dan practicing guitar.

April 2013 News

Episode News 


April 20, 2013 9:00 pm

Classic Pub & Grill

16219 S US Highway 27

Lansing, MI 48906





Buddies demands Episode return June 28 9pm

Moss Agate News
The CD is now available!

Click here for:  Moss Agate on MySpace

Click here for:  Moss Agate on Amazon.com

Click here for:  Moss Agate on Spotify.com

March 2013 News
March 23
8:30 PM
February 2013 News

Dan's first CD is out!  This is Moss Agate's third album, but it is the FIRST CD with Dan O'Malley as lead guitarist!!!!

The CD is called  "Boogie Street" and will fill your pockets full of blues.


The full-length CD is available for download, or streaming, through tunecore, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, E Music, Rhapsody, and MySpace Music.

Physical CDs are now available from us, or Amazon On Demand. Enjoy!!!

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Save the dates:
- March 23 - Spag's, Williamston
- April 12 - Buddies, Holt
- April 20 - Classic Pub, Lansing
January 2013 News

January 2013 started out with a BIG BANG!!!!  The band ROCKED! 


Need proof that you missed a good gig?  Click on some of the links below to see what you missed.  For the rest of you, I bet you're here to click on these links to relive the magic!

Funk 49

Happy New Year 2013!

What an interesting year of twists and turns that 2012 turned out to be.  All said and done, Dan ended up in not one, but TWO bands.  One which does original music by Robert Lyon, and the other an awesome cover band called Episode 2.0
Thus, the new year begins wtih two great events:
1.  Come out to Spag's in Williamston on Saturday, January 19th to see Episode play all your favorite rock, classic rock, blues, pop musci.  The show starts at 8:30 pm and we hope to see all our friend there for a good time.
2.  Moss Agate, Robert Lyon's band featuring Dan O'Malley on lead guitar, is soon to release a new album.  Stay tuned for news about that event.  In the meantime, Moss Agate is competing for a shot at playing Crossroads and backing Eric Clapton.  You can find out more at this web site and while you are there click to show your support for Moss Agate to win this competion where one artist will be chosen to perform live on stage at the Madison Square Garden Crossroads Guitar Festival and will earn the opportunity to perform live on the Madison Square Garden Stage in front of thousands of fans alongside main stage headliners.

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Save another date:  Friday, February 15, for an awesome gig at the Irish Pub.

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