" My guitar is not a thing.

It is an extension of myself.

It is who I am." 


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05-03-2014     Episode               R-Club

05-02-2014     Episode               R-Club

03-22-2014     Episode               Lou and Harry's

03-08-2014     Episode               Spag's - Williamston

02-23-2014     Episode               Classic Pub

02-22-2014     Episode               Classic Pub

01-25-2014     Episode               Classic Pub

01-10-2014     Episode               Buddies in Holt

01-04-2014     Episode               Colonial Bar and Grille

01-03-2014     Episode               Colonial Bar and Grille 

11-16-2013     Episode               Spag's

10-06-2013       Episode                Classic Pub

10-05-2013     Episode                Classic Pub

09-07-2013     Episode                Church of Resurrection Ox Roast
09-06-2013     Episode                     Church of Resurr Ox Roast                              

08-17-2013     Moss Agate          Mason Class of 1973 Reunion

08-10-2013     Episode                Spag's, Williamston

06-28-2013     Episode                Buddies, Holt

06-08-2013     Episode                Sir Pizza, Old Town Lansing

05-24-2013     Moss Agate          Rak's, Jackson

05-18-2013     Episode                 Rookies, Lansing    

05-05-2013     Moss Agate           Green Door (Blues Brawl), Lansing

04-20-2013     Episode                 Classic Pub, Lansing

04-12-2013     Episode                 Buddies, Holt

03-23-2013     Episode                 Spag's, Williamston

02-15-2013     Episode                 The Irish Pub, Lansing

                                                     gig cancelled due to delay in renovations

01-19-2013     Episode                 Spag's, Williamston
08-04-2012     Lucky Episode      Johlapalooza, DeWitt

                                                     Two members of Episode join 

                                                     two members of Lady Luck

                                                     to make up a power trio of Lucky Episode

                                                     What? How does 2+2=3???  

                                                     Just ask Sandy Stenske

07-22-2012     Episode                 Lake Lansing Bandshell, Haslett 

                                                     Fundraiser for Hosanna House

06-03-2012     Moss Agate          Rayner Park, Mason

05-20-2012     Moss Agate           Blues Brawl, The Green Door, Lansing

05-18-2012     Headband            Rocky's Roadhouse, Lansing

04-13-2012     Headband            Rocky's Roadhouse, Lansing

03-10-2012     Headband            Unicorn Tavern, Lansing

03-09-2012     Headband            Unicorn Tavern, Lansing
02-18-2012     Headband            Unicorn Tavern, Lansing
02-17-2012     Headband            Unicorn Tavern, Lansing

01-29-2012     Dan O'Malley     home video, DeWitt

10-16-2011     Dan O'Malley        Michael Allman from the Michael Allman

                                                     Band, Dan O'Malley from Episode,

                                                     Sandy Stenske from Episode and Lady

                                                     Luck, Darin Bacon from Lady Luck, and

                                                     special guest Nicholas Leroy from Marble

                                                     Garden, assemble for a special

                                                     performance at Houghton Lake

10-09-2011    Dan O'Malley         The Blues Barn, Muskegon

                                                     Stan Budzynski and the Third Degree perform

                                                     as backup band for Michael Allman. 

                                                     Dan is guest guitarist.

08-12-2011     Episode                The Roadhouse, Mulliken

07-30-2011     Episode                Sir Pizza, Old Town, Lansing

05-07-2011     Episode                Smitty, Dimondale

03-18-2011     Episode                Center Stage, Lansing

03-12-2011     Dan O'Malley        Riely O'Connor and Molly B. Moon

02-26-2011     Episode                 Spag's, Williamston

08-28-2010     Episode                 The Barn, Grand Ledge

05-15-2010     Episode                 The Barn, Grand Ledge

08-30-2009     Bandshell               Lake Lansing Bandshell, Haslett

02-09-2008     Retrospect              Darb's, Eaton Rapids

12-31-2007     Retrospect              New Year's Eve, Darb's, Eaton Rapids

12-18-2007     Retrospect              Darb's, Eaton Rapids

11-30-2007     Rear View Mirror     Buddies, Holt

09-09-2006     Rear View Mirror     O'Malley's

08-12-2006     Rear View Mirror     Brookshire Inn, Williamston

10-27-2005     dave bond & crew   Spaghetti Benefit Dinner

                                                       Marshall Street Armory, Lansing

08-26-2005     Rear View Mirror     Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

08-16-2005     Side View Mirror      O'Malley's Summer Party

                                                       Bay City River Roar, Bay City

04-    -2003     Rear View Mirror     Spag's, Williamston

01-   -2003      Rear View Mirror     Spag's, Williamston

06-20-2003     Rear View Mirror     Rooftop Landing, Willliamston

10-02-2002     Rear View Mirror     Soaring Eagle, Mt. Pleasant

04-06-2002     Rear View Mirror     Spag's, Williamston  

1974                     Uranus                    Haslett, MI   **RARE FOOTAGE**